Do you desire to build a new home? At Charlotte In-Vironments, we have the highest standard for interior space plans, based on over 35 years in business. Our interior design philosophy is based on lifestyle trends paired with real life living. We want the spaces to work for you while also providing long term value.

During a new home build, Charlotte In-Vironments will walk you through our streamlined process, alongside the architect of your choosing. Together, we will ensure you receive the custom space that your individual family needs. We will meet to review the preliminary space plans and to design the interior spaces you envision for your home and lifestyle.

After the floor plans are established, we will provide detailed cabinet elevations, interior elevations, lighting and electrical plans and tile drawings. We will walk you through our tried and true process for all the interior selections and relay any important information back to your architect for the final construction plans.

3-D renderings of your interior spaces are available upon request.

Let CIV bring your dream home to the finish line!

New Homes 1
New Homes 2grasshopper-after
New Homes 3rockcreek-after
New Homes 4GrayScaleServices-After
New Homes 5After-Mammoth
New Homes 6lozzi-final