Our Process

In over 35 years of business, we have created a detailed and streamlined process below to assist in your project.

Phase I: Development of Project Parameters

A) Initial meeting: Identify expectations, needs, desires, budge and time expectations for construction of the project.

B) Field Dimensions:
Measure the house and structures that relate to the desired project. Identify existing structural, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing. Take pictures of the spaces, interior and exteriors.

C) Draft (CAD):
As builts to show existing floor plans and exteriors.

Phase II: Site/Survey

For projects that will increase the footprint of the existing home or new home, a physical survey will be requested in order to maintain required zoning setbacks identified by the county. Investigation of zoning and neighborhood restrictions will be researched.

Phase III: Conceptual Design/Space Planning

A) Develop conceptual space plans based on information obtained in the initial meetings (space plans and exteriors.)

B) Present the conceptual plans  in a working meeting to develop a preliminary budget based on the approved plans with a general contractor.

Phase IV: Construction Drawings

A) Floor Plans:  Demolition and Reconstruction Plans
B) Lighting and Electrical Plans
C) Exterior Elevations with new designs
D) Cabinet Elevations and interior details

Phase V: Structural Engineering
Prepare and coordinate any required structural pages for a licensed structural engineer to complete sealed drawings for construction. This includes, but not limited to: foundation, framing, roof plan etc.
Phase VI: Product Selections and Interior Design

Assist in the selection and specification of the following to be included as part of the construction drawings and specification package:
1) Cabinets
2) Appliances
3) Plumbing fixtures
4) Countertops
5) Tile
6) Cabinet and Door Hardware
7) Floor Surfaces
8) Windows and Doors
9) Light Fixtures
10) Comprehensive Color Scheme
11) Exterior Finishes

Phase VII: Construction Phase

A) Pre-construction Meeting:  Attend a general meeting with general contractor, client, and Charlotte In-Vironments to review project prior to construction.

B) Attend site meetings with general contractor and subcontractors as needed to serve as a liaison between general contractor and homeowner as required.

Process 1